Art 10 Baltimore

Art10 is a professional group of artists who have painted together for more than 10 years. Art10 artists have exhibited and sold their work in juried and non-juried shows throughout the United States.

While the work of the group as a whole could be described as expressionistic contemparary and evocative, each artist employs a unique blend of color, creativity, and composition.

We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork on this site. Please contact us for individual or group shows, or for direct purchase.

Toni Berger


Artist statement

For me, painting is intuitive.  My paintings are rich in color, light and energy. Rather than precise depiction of subjects, my technique invites the viewer to bring their own experiences and interpretations to my art. 

I work in acrylics on canvas and paper, mixed media, water colors, and pen and ink. 

I have been painting since childhood.  I attended the high school of Music and Art in Manhattan and the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. I have exhibited locally and my paintings are in many private collections.