Art 10 Baltimore

Art10 is a professional group of artists who have painted together for more than 10 years. Art10 artists have exhibited and sold their work in juried and non-juried shows throughout the United States.

While the work of the group as a whole could be described as expressionistic contemparary and evocative, each artist employs a unique blend of color, creativity, and composition.

We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork on this site. Please contact us for individual or group shows, or for direct purchase.

Shelley Amsel


Artist Statement

My paintings are about curves and color and  line and form.  The content is scenes from American life surrounding us and delivered with humor and cynicism. People  eating , drinking, swimming, bicycling are in  all of  my paintings.

The  German figurative painters of the mid and late 20th century and their engagement with the life and politics around them  have influenced me the most.  The use and love of color , line and form  stem from my fondness of the French impressionists, the Blue Riders and the German Die Brucke group.

My works are on canvas and paper and I use acrylics, oil sticks, oil pastels  and charcoal to fill them. Photos of more of my paintings can be seen on my website…