Art 10 Baltimore

Art10 is a professional group of artists who have painted together for more than 10 years. Art10 artists have exhibited and sold their work in juried and non-juried shows throughout the United States.

While the work of the group as a whole could be described as expressionistic contemparary and evocative, each artist employs a unique blend of color, creativity, and composition.

We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork on this site. Please contact us for individual or group shows, or for direct purchase.

Jackie Mintz


410-245-2795 or 443-578-8369

Artist Statement

A year or so after I retired in 2004, I began to learn to paint with lessons in the classical realist tradition. Over time, however, I found myself drawn toward less representational art. The move away from realism was part of a search for a style of my own.

I work primarily with acrylics, oil pastels, and ink. I paint on canvas, canvas board, paper, and on Yupo, a synthetic waterproof paper. I also have become interested in the instruments that artists paint with and the marks they allow me to make.  I use hard-edged tools such as palette knives, spatulas, squeegees, scrapers, and even (expired!) credit cards.  

I am learning how to lay on levels of different transparencies,  intensities, or hues, and how that produces different effects for the eye of the viewer. Color is obviously important to me, both when it is in contrastive juxtaposition and when it changes almost imperceptibly. Other times I am drawn more to black and white, which reveals structure and form more starkly.

If you have any questions about my work, please contact me at; or 410-245-2795 or 443-578-8369.