Art 10 Baltimore

Art10 is a professional group of artists who have painted together for more than 10 years. Art10 artists have exhibited and sold their work in juried and non-juried shows throughout the United States.

While the work of the group as a whole could be described as expressionistic contemparary and evocative, each artist employs a unique blend of color, creativity, and composition.

We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork on this site. Please contact us for individual or group shows, or for direct purchase.

Myrna Poirier


Artist Statement

Myrna Poirier’s painting is about color and how she sees the world.  Both her parents, in different ways, taught her about color and texture.  Her mother showed her how to go through clothing hanging on a rack in search of a beautiful color and fabric.  Her dad had a fine men’s clothing store and she would wander through the bolts of textiles, drawers of ties, and shelves of shirts looking at the materials and color combinations.  That was the beginning.    

Then she studied design and architect. Her heroes are Luis Barragan, Henri Matisse and Wolf Kahn.

More recently Poirier began painting. She wants to catch people’s attention, make a difference in someone’s life if even for a few moments or a few minutes.  “Perhaps I can just dazzle someone and that is more than enough.”

She tries to do this with color and form. “Color expresses feelings. We have little vocabulary for feeling, nevertheless small changes of sensation evoke very different responses…. Naturally these responses are different for different individuals but they are shared to a degree according to context and culture, and they are integral to painting.”  Wolf Kahn, by Justin Springs. 1996. Harry M. Abrams.